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Building great custom software should always be personal

I have been developing software since the 8th grade and sold my first app to IBM in 2001. In the 20+ years that I have been developing custom software, one fact really stands out. Building great software is a true collaboration. I really like that about our business. It’s that team spirit and the feeling that together we are going to be able to pull this project off that keeps me coming back for more.

Your custom software project is going to be one of the most important initiatives you take up. To say that it is going to be critical to your business and your livelihood is a real understatement. I think it is important that everyone on our teams grasps and respects that trust that you have placed in us. Because in many cases, everything is riding on our ability to deliver for you. Literally.

Building the impossible


Since I sold my first App in 2001, I have heard over and over from people who come to me that they were told by other developers that their project was impossible. Well, I love a good challenge! Maybe you are planning on creating a difficult software application using mobile technologies, or your current software application is a hot mess and it needs rescuing. In either case, working on challenging software projects is pretty much what I do.

What exactly do I do? I design and build web, cloud, SaaS, mobile and database solutions. If you can dream it up, I can bring your project from vision to reality.

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Experts in leading software technologies

Experts in leading software technologies.
There are a lot of software technologies available today, but we choose to focus on proven technologies from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the open source community. We do this for several reasons. First, we are pretty conservative when it comes to technology selection. We know your business is going to be counting on support for these technologies for many years to come. We also like working with mature, well documented and well supported technologies. This makes the project go faster and smoother.

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