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  • According to Statista, the software market is expected to reach approximately 507.2 billion U.S. Dollars by 2021.
  • According to Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey:
    • Javascript is the most popular technology, used by 69.8% of developers
    • 48.3% use Linux as the chosen platform for development.
    • Node.js is, in turn, the most popular framework, adopted by 49.6% of software engineers.
    • 85.4% of developers work with Agile methodologies.
    • 16% work on web development and design.


The need for software development services is exponentially expanding in these fields:



Outsourcing software development is a strategic decision on the rise which offers the possibility to work with different team organization alternatives.

Distributed development teams can work from anywhere in the world collaborating via effective project management tools and cloud applications, tackling your business goals by achieving top-notch results.

Meanwhile, collocated teams can either work in-house your organization’s installations or grouped together in your partner’s headquarters. This modality provides the added benefit of gathering the whole team under the same roof, allowing for instant communication, cooperation and problem-solving.

The best alternative will eventually depend on your project specifications, scope, company’s culture and personal preferences. There is no option better than the next one as both team allocations guarantee the delivery of innovative and efficient technology solutions, tailor-made for your business needs.


Our expert Delivery Teams can start delivering technolog solutions and value immediately. On top of that, we only hire experienced Top 1% IT Talent.


“Repeat business is the best testament to a team’s ability to perform, and I have no hesitations hiring them again. DevSoft rapidly catalyzed significant momentum towards achieving the objectives. Their developers demonstrated a pleasant collaboration style paired with high-level acumen. Leveraging a sophisticated array of technology made for a smooth and productive partnership.”

Brad Mabry, Product Manager at Rolls Royce

“DevSoft being on a similar timezone has helped us tremendously in our productivity especially in an agile structure. They have high-quality resources who are willing to go that extra mile to provide value in development.”

Viiveek Sankar, VP of Engineering at Univision

“By seamlessly integrating with the internal team, DevSoft helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. Their strong onboarding methods, reliable deliverables, and responsiveness continue to strengthen the relationship.”

Patrick Mee, VP of Engineering at AdRoll

“Having access to such a vast pool of talent in Latin America, DevSoft allows us to staff our teams and therefore to execute our projects faster than ever, with solid and committed engineers. Their staffing process is way better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always rely on them.”

Ropu Rovagnati, SVP, Managing Director, LATAM at R/GA

“DevSoft is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and adaptable development partner. Their main strength lies in the fact that they are a better cultural fit for clients in the US, being from South America. They also know how to push back and ask questions when appropriate, which provides added value.”

Matt Mecham, Program Manager at Instructure

“DevSoft’s developers provided really good results for the company. They are extremely responsive, proactive, they communicate up and are creative thinkers. Their level of organization in pre-screening recruiting and onboarding is what differentiates them.”

Dominique Anthony Saulet, CTO at iSeatz

“DevSoft has helped us develop a secure bitcoin-based cryptocurrency platform with engineers that are qualified and proficient in crypto. We are extremely satisfied with their collaboration and achievement. We are happy to have given DevSoft a chance to earn our trust.”

Willie Wang, VP of Engineering at Abra

“DevSoft has helped us develop a secure bitcoin-based cryptocurrency platform with engineers that are qualified and proficient in crypto. We are extremely satisfied with their collaboration and achievement. We are happy to have given DevSoft a chance to earn our trust.”

Matthew Carr, Business Development at PatraCompany

“By working with DevSoft we were able to quickly augment our internal staff and find exactly the talent we were looking for. We have been well-taken care of by the DevSoft team all along the way.”

Ron Timoshenko, Director of Architecture at ConsumerAffairs

“DevSoft provides Rauxa with quality developers in the same timezones as our internal and client teams. They are not geography bound, so they can find folks across Latin America. This allows for a bigger pool of talent.”

Deepak Narisety, VP Technology Services at Rauxa

“DevSoft has been a great business partner, providing quality development resources to augment a high-performing and fast-moving development team, as well as ongoing location support for their placements to ensure success and growth within their roles. The professional support and attention to the relationship have been excellent and I would highly recommend them.”

Brian Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Azlo

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